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Auto Loans in Lafayette (IN)

At Car Loan Indiana, we make it our mission to help new and used car buyers find car loans every single day. We’ve removed the stress when it comes to auto financing in Lafayette and all of Indiana. How much are we charging for our services? Not a cent.

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First off, you will need to apply online. We’ll attempt to match you with the right auto loan provider in Lafayette, IN, given your income, down payment, and location. After that, just finalize your car loan paperwork and choose your vehicle from a nearby dealership.

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Income and Credit History

  • Average Lafayette Income: $1,612 Per Month
  • Average IN Credit Rating: 676

For the very best odds of acceptance, you will need to have:

  • Earnings In Excess Of $18,000 Per Year
  • At Minimum 1 Year Of Being Employed
  • Monthly Debts Only Half of Earnings

Even if your income or credit doesn’t fulfill these conditions, you might be able to qualify with a co-signer, more money down, or even via buy here pay here financing in Lafayette, IN.

Zero Down Payment Cars in Lafayette, IN

Interested in no money down auto loans in Lafayette, IN? We help our users find no down payment car deals all the time, though a down payment is recommended if you have enough cash. Almost all companies will be delighted by a down payment of 15-20%.

Bad Credit Auto Loans: Lafayette, Indiana

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At Car Loan Indiana, poor credit is no problem. Let’s look at credit scores in IN in general:

  • Avg IN Credit Rating: 676
  • Credit Score Viewed as “Bad”: less than 620
  • Number of People with Poor Credit: 42,779

When you need a bad credit auto loan in Lafayette, Indiana, we can often match you with loan companies who don’t just reject consumers who have credit scores of less than 600. A lot of loan providers require individuals suffering from a low credit score to have a salary of $1500 monthly, at minimum, as well as no greater than $750 monthly in debt payments. This includes your new bad credit car loan.

Buying a Car Without Credit Check in Lafayette (IN)

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Due to the economy in IN, buy here pay here loans have become a whole lot more popular.

These car lots have many names: Tote the Note, Your Job is Your Credit, or in house financing car lots in Lafayette, IN.

These auto loans tend to be offered without a credit check. Lamentably, there are several significant disadvantages. These include high interest rates, larger down payment requirements, increased risk of deceptive financing practices, and narrow vehicle selection.

Even when you have a bad credit score, you will find there’s good possibility you could get approved for the car loan you want without resorting to tote the note financing.

Used And Bad Credit Car Lots: Lafayette (IN)