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The Stoneman Racing at Indy GP, Busted up Leg be Damned

A limping, crutch-wielding Casey Stoner is racing with his Repsol Honda team at the Red Bull Indianapolis GP.

After meeting with a gaggle of medical professionals from the Circuit Medical Center, the stoic Stoner was given to green light to race despite having fractured his fibula, ankle, and tibia and tearing ligaments in the same leg in what has been described as being a “spectacular high side crash” during a qualifying run the previous day. The docs said that as long as Stoner’s ankle was wrapped, strapped, and supported in his modified Alpinestars boot during the race, he should be able to compete in the 28-lap race at Indianapolis.

The Stoneman will also be given a dose of Aspalgin and a 60 mg injection of Toradol before the race.