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Cool, New Toys on Display at 2012 Indianapolis Dealer Expo

The 2012 Indianapolis Dealer Expo has just ended and attendees and dealers have come away impressed with the new and innovative products they saw. Though, this year’s expo seemed to have fewer attendees than years of the recent past, there was still a lot to view for lovers of ATVs and UTVs.  Unfortunately, the team here at Car Loans Indiana couldn’t make the show in person, but we have the full scoop.

Three of the most exciting products that were discovered at the show are:

1. DragonFire Racing Accessories
DragonFire’s collection of off-road accessories are some of the best on the market and their new gauge cluster that measures oil pressure, water temperature and voltage is a continuation of this excellence.

2. Douglas Wheel & Tire Sector Three-Piece Wheel
This wheel consists of a pair of lightweight aluminum wheel halves and a single billet center. Being made of three pieces means that when a wheel is damaged, only part of it may need to be replaced.

3. ProMan PTO
The ProMan PTO brings work to your play thing. Now, while this may not be a positive development for many of us, for those of us who would like to turn our ATV into a lawnmower, leaf blower or log splitter, the PTO will bring a smile to your mug. If it works as has been promised, it will replace the need for many to have a small tractor.